Turned in my key, key-card and access-code. Closed the door behind me. No more driving up-and-down to Leeuwarden. No, relax... I still have a job, just not in Leeuwarden anymore. Starting March 1st 2010 our company has a office in Leeuwarden where I worked two days a week (beside my work in Groningen). After nine months I decided to fully return to Groningen (where I worked the other three days). Not that it wasn't any fun in Leeuwarden, but I wasn't quite happy with the work set out for me. I worked on a number of things, such as making a movie for the Department of Work and Social 'stuff', filming for the municipal of Leeuwarden and assisting in the creation of some back-ends for mini-games. At the end of the day a coleague brought some oliebollen as a farewell gift. Next Wednesday there will be another announcement, but more on that next week.