This morning I left on my bike to do some erg (read: indoor rowing) on our rowing club. There is still ice in the water so you have to do something to keep in shape. And I got enough training on the way there. The new bike path between Zuidhorn and Groningen wasn't very nicely cleared of snow and ice. They had swept it bit that was a few days ago. Now all the snow and ice was frozen again and the tracks of other bikes were frozen into it, making the speed drop some 10 to 15 km/h. A good workout. Near Hoogkerk I could finally ride on the main road which was cleared of the snow, as were the bike paths next to it. The city of Groningen gets a big thumbs-up for maintaining the bike path. On the way back I took a different route which was a bit faster.

Once I arrived at the rowing club we did a nice training of 4 times 4 minutes with 2 minutes of rest between every 'round'. I normally have a V-time of 2:03 per 500 meter (measured over a 12 minute test) and today went very well and 3 of the 4 times I was below the V-time. 2 of those were even 3 - 4 seconds faster. I really overdone myself, so a nice cup of tee and a apple was a nice reward.

Then it was time to head back home. Of course taking a different route. I joined my teammate which I was erg'ing with till we reached the park. Then I opened the throttle until I reached the shopping center of Paddepoel. At first there was a stupid cow in a car in the middle of the bike path. So I waited until I could continue. The bike path there are quite narrow, so overtaking other (slower) bikes is not always possible, but I managed. Close to the traffic light, just ahead, I saw that it was still green. So, more speed! Then I saw a man crossing the street carrying a Christmas tree on a small cart. All went well I thought, but not everyone did. When I turned right at the next corner a police car drove next to me and the man on the passenger seat waved at me, so I waved back. Then he started to wave and point the the side of the street. Ah... the wanted to take a look at my beautiful bike. No, the witnessed the 'incident' at the traffic light and thought something had to be said. The thought I was biking to fast and that it was to dangerous (due to the weather). When I explained that I could stop the bike, the bike path was clean and, apposed to bikes on two wheels, I can't fall during braking, the officer thought he had made his point and I could continue. I still wonder if he'd done the same if I was a guy on a regular racing bike (they go fast as well). Funny, by the way... I don't see racing bikes on the street these days Wink.

When I got home a email from Liever Ligfietsen in Leeuwarden was waiting in my in-box. My ordered Thys 209 rowingbike came in yesterday and she wanted to deliver it tomorrow between 3:00 and 3:30 PM at my home. In the mean while she took some nice pictures in front of the store so I could take a look. And from what I can see in the pictures, she's a beauty. Tomorrow you'll all see it in full glory, but for now you'll just have to do with a sneak preview.

Thys 209 rowingbike - Sneak preview