This morning I took my velomobile to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen for a pre-ROAM check-up. Because America has some mountains (like the Rocky's) it seemed a good idea to put in a smaller gear in the middle of the bike. Also, a number of components were checked, lubricated and replaced. The rear chain for instance has been replaced. That being said, it lasted for some 10.686 kilometers. Also the steering block has been replaced because it had a little to much play when I'm speeding down the mountain with 70+ km/h. The last part they have replaced was the bell. The top part of my old bell tended to twist which caused it to get stuck and made little to no sound. The new bell is loud and clear, but has a slightly higher (and as far as I'm concerned) friendlier ring to it. The new guy, Felix, spent all day trying to make it all happen. And after I dropped my bike of I got a loaner, a beautiful blue Mango+. There was more to do today, like getting into a skiff to do some rowing, talking courage into my students whom I learned to row and go to Anton L. to right the next article for Ligfiets& (the national recumbent magazine). At the end of the day I could finally pick up my own bike.You might wonder where the 'almost run over' part of this post is. Well, this morning I was just on my way when I almost got run over by a big Range Rover (you know, the 4x4 kind). Here you can see the movie with commentaries what's going on.