Today was a rest day and after we had a great breakfast with egg, ham and a cup of tea I started to wash my cloths. Well… I threw it in with Marcel, Johann and Rob's clothes in the washing machine. After that I found some shade and read up on my messages on Google Reader. Some people were Skyping with the people back home. I IM'ed with my parents a few days back and chatted with a colleague (who will start working after two weeks holiday) and asked him if he could say hi to my colleagues monday morning.

ROAM 2011 - Day 11 (internetting)

There was a little less stress charging the batteries (for GPS, lights, phone, camera et cetera). The number of outlets are few and the number of users high. This often leads to a spaghetti of cables.

ROAM 2011 - Day 11 (charging)

Besides that I fixed the cable holding my steer up and can ride more relaxed. The cadence sensor also seems to work again. Let's hope it stays that way for the rest of our journey. A number of people switched their front tires from left to right due to wear (the wheel is mounted at a slight angle and wears unevenly). Johann checked the alignment, it was a bit off.

Groceries. Together with Marcel, Johann and Rob we went to Walmart to do some shopping for the next day. After that a quick stop at Subway for a yummy sandwich when someone stopped us. He (Dennis Gaub) from the Bicycling Bonanza website wanted to have a little talk with us. Eventually we went inside the Subway and whilst having our food had a little chat about our tour. They (he was with his wife and son) also got to ride in our bikes and took some photos. Soon there will be a post on the website. He even went by the camp ground to ask some more questions and to look around.

The Dutch group also wrote a little article on (our national recumbent website). And I answered some questions I received from my readers. If you have any more questions, please contact me.

Willem and Akkie wanted to know what we eat during the day. And how we protect the food against mice and such. Usually I have around 4 or 5 bananas, a lot of energy bars and lots of water / sports drink with me. And of course the sponsored bars and gels from Clif (a 1000 each). For protection against the little thieves I have nothing, a plastic bag in the bike is enough.

Bill Bates asks about the weather (temperature) and sleeping. Thus far I find it manageable with enough drinking. As long as you are riding the air cools you down. You do however have to keep protected with sun screen. Sleeping at night differs. Sometimes it's hot and you sweat a lot in your sleeping bag and sometimes it's very moist. Also you don't get very much hours in the night because we usually get up around 5 AM. Lastly he wanted to know what I thought of the storm two days ago. I've been in a storm like this and even much worse. But it's no fun if everything gets wet because your things are standing outside (which wasn't the case for me).

HH from Atlanta, Georgia wonders if a roof protects you from the sun and the heat. I don't have one, but Harry does. He finds it very comfortable. As far as I'm concerned I just keep well hydrated and rubbed with sun screen.

Theo want's to know about the Americans who quit. All Europeans will do the entire ride because their bike has been delivered in Portland and will be picked up in Washington. The Americans have it a bit more easy. Some will do only a part of the tour, so they are coming and going during the ride.

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Hi Wilfred,

Tough to find time until this noon, but I do have a post about ROAM on my blog -

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