Because we het gained a hour yesterday we had to get up a hour earlier. My sleepy head packed everything in dark, eat and left. Together with Harry, because he had some problems with his Garmin Edge 800, so I was his navigator for today.

Today was not a very eventful day so I can share about things I notice. There are often signs (for instance not to bike with 3 or more next to each other) with the line "It's the law!" below that. Reminds me of the movie Judge Dred. There Sylvester Stalone always says: "I am the law!". Just like the signs in the restaurants where employees are being told to wash their hands afterwards. Yeah, sounds kind of obvious. Like a sign causes people to do what it says. Besides the potholes there are also rail road tracks which are very bumpy. Even cars have to slow down not to be launched into the air. But there are good ones, like today, which we passed without a hitch.

Like I said, it's a slow day and after some 20 kilometers before reaching camp ground I noticed that I only took two pictures. That had to change, so I had the idea to do some 'planking'.

ROAM 2011 - Day 23 (planking)

Ot the camp ground the did have WiFi but it wasn't free (the first hour was). And than another thing. In the rest rooms there was a small TV with sports on it (in the mens anyway). A little overkill I think. Pretty were the fire flies who showed us the way. I didn't need to use my head light.