After I posted six blog messages online I took some time to look at the stars. It was a very clear night and there was no light pollution from nearby cities. That means that it was going a cold night (coldest so far). No problem because I have a sleeping bag that is nice and warm. Tonight was the first time I had to zip it all the way. Other nights were warm enough to leave it half opened. Also we could sleep in a hour longer because today was going to be a relative short day, only 150 kilometers, but with a lot of (short) climbs.

On one of the climbs Marcel's chain broke (again) and later that day he would have the same issue. The guy who made yesterday's route also had some surprises for us. A gravel road, but this time nice and steep so you rear wheel would slip and you can hardly get up the hill. Machiel and myself had to get out and walk a bit, but Johann made it to the top, slow and steady. Al those damn roads and detours are getting on my nerves. It's not that hard to include a normal paved road in the route. Just two more days, let's hope the tracks are better.

ROAM 2011 - Day 26 (chain link)

During a down hill it happened that my cap would fly off (normally it would stay there). Fortunately there was a ascent coming so I could stop very easily. When I turned around there were a lot of cars coming and by placing my bike next to the road and pointing to my cap I made them stop. I took my cap, turned the bike and went on my way again. Only Felix wasn't to happy because he lost all his speed being behind the cars and he had to stop.

Our lunch break was at Punxsutawney. Maybe you've heard of it I don't know, but if you've seen the movie Groundhog Day you know what I mean. Each year a groundhog comes out a hole in the ground and looks at his shadow. If he can see it it will stay winter for six weeks more. Or something like that. Anyway, we had a nice meal there and finally a place with a descent pasta plate. I noticed that I've been eating more lately (no wonder of course). In the morning two or three slices of bread, some yoghurt and a drink. During the day a number of Clif Bars and Gels and some bananas.

ROAM 2011 - Day 26 (Clif Bar)

Tonight we went to the Prince Gallitzen State Park. A nice and big park close to a lake. No train in sight, nice and dark and most important no mosquitos. I am going to sleep lice a prince tonight (hence the name of the park). On arrival a Park Ranger came and checked out our group. At one time he even got to do a lap in Merrill's bike (a Alleweder with electric assist). You don't want to mess with those guys by the way, because they are carrying firearms.

Finally there were two Dutchmen on the campground. The first I've seen in four weeks. Turns out to be a surprise. They were the mother and wife of Machiel who flew over here. The father of Machiel is with the SAG team since the beginning and for him it was a very nice surprise.