Today I left a bit earlier (lesson learned from yesterday), around 6:30 AM. Everything was just fine until Felix had a flat tire just before the lunch stop. He would walk the last bit and I would go one and send a SAG person his way. He didn't want to fix it whilst being so close. A Meatloaf Panini and some pasta was on the menu today. Nicely warm and cripsy.

When we were about to leave Felix would fix his tire. But when he pumped it, it said: pssssst! Flat again. A new inner tube, and it also made the same sound when he put some air into it. No problem. I could enjoy some of Patricks donated snow cones. After about 45 minutes of extra waiting Felix, Mike and myself eventually left. Again later than planned. The lunch break had obviously done Felix well, because it didn't take long before he went of and we didn't see him again.

After a lot of climbing at 40+ degrees in the bike we eventually made it to the top of the hill. Just checked the tires for defects and I drove the rocket down the mountain. A nice long descent with good asphalt and almost no wind. Perfect conditions for a new 'record attempt'. My previous maximum speed was 84 km/h, but this time I've gone faster than that. During the descent I quickly looked at my bike computer and at a certain time I saw the display show 90+ km/h. The GPS eventually locked it down to 94,3 km/h.

I was planning to visit a restaurant this evening, but because it was very late I headed straight to the camp site. Also because the battery of my lighting was dying it seemed like a good plan to stick with Mike. Not a bad idea because we arrived at 10:30 PM at the camp site. No dinner, very very tired and very hungry. Fortunatly Jim had some noodles for me and Mikes wife (who drives with the RV) had some salad. Went to bed at around 11:20 PM.

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Be sure not to skip too many dinners, you'll need the calories.