Today a short update because it's quite late (almost 10 PM). We did a 225 kilometer long ride with a 7 kilometer long and hard climb to almost 2000 meters. After that we cruised with 50+ towards Helena. When we left the city there were a few small 'hills', the hardest being 3 kilometers long and a bit more steep than the other one. When we rushed down we came to a reservoir. On the other side of the dam our camp site was waiting for us, right by the water. Tomorrow a day without heavy climbing and only a bit more than 200 kilometers. I think my calves will be happy, because they were a bit sore. During the the day they got better though.


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mi7d1 (not verified)
Garmin Edge

Hi Wilfred,

I like seeing the Garmin Edge data. I understand that yesterdays ride over Mac Donald Pass, Montana wasn't easy. Hope you were able to take some photos for us and upload them later. Ride safe.

Bill Bates
Portland, Oregon

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HH (not verified)
Go velomobiles!

Hello, Wilfred! I have been admiring the Huneliggers and their friends for a few years now and I keep updated on your journeys via YouTube. I am an American and I wish that we had bicycle paths and highways like you do in the Netherlands. With that said, my goal is still to get a Quest velomobile (my wife wants a Mango) within the next few years. Keep up the good work, R.O.A.M.!

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Ben (not verified)
I'm glad Friday will be a bit

I'm glad Friday will be a bit easier. I am very much looking forward to hearing the thoughts of the ROAM riders several months after completing the ride to get their perspectives on bike culture here and overseas and areas for making things more practical for bike travel.

Best regards,