Yesterday I was to tired to write a long post. So I'll give a brief summary about what happened that day. First of all the mouse had moved from Josef's bike to mine. When I opened the lid I first saw that my paper bag which had my food had been opened from the side. He tried to hide under my seat and I tried to grab my camera. But unfortunately he ran away. He did however stole my Clif Gel, because the day before I bought two of them at REI.

At the coffee break I had my first root beer to go with my burger. Something different that a coke. At lunch I ordered another cup, this time a 'float'. It has ice cream in it. I had the huckleberry flavor.

ROAM 2011 - Day 8 (rootbeer float)

Yesterday also featured a 9 kilometer long climb. When it started I was with Rob, Johann and Harry. Despite the long journey I was the first one to make it to the top, 5 minutes before Rob and 7 minutes before Johann and Harry. Also you could tell we were in Montana (on the other side of the mountain). The landscape had opened up and there were men with hats, ranches, trucks and trailers.

And now about our ride to Harlowton. The first kilometer started with a 1 kilometer climb. After the long ride and the short night from yesterday I could tell I wasn't completely recovered. I was yawning the whole time and after a hour or so I took a Clif Gel. Today also featured a climb and once I got to the top I relaxed a bit before speeding down. When I wanted to leave and got back in my bike there was a big bee or some other insect on my leg. I tried to get out as fast as I can but didn't manage. I got bitten. Fortunately Johann had some anti-itch to put on the wound.

We did lunch at White Sulfur Springs and I was so tired I put my head on the table until my Chicken Melt (a burger with molten cheese and bacon) was ready. After eating it I felt a bit better, but still went outside to take a 20 minute nap. I almost slept to long and didn't hear my alarm clock. It did me good though.

Tired I arrived at Chief Joseph Campground in Harlowton. They had electricity and toilets, but showers were not present. Fortunately there was a nearby high school were we could shower in the locker rooms. After that we visited the supermarket do do some shopping. Normally they are closed, but the made a exception especially for us. After that we had diner at the Jail House Pizza.

ROAM 2011 - Day 8 (High School showers)


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David Whitmon (not verified)
You are doing Awesome

You are doing Awesome Wilfred. I hope that the motorists are behaving them selves better than they were.

Good Job.

This is your first time having a Root Beer? It does come from a root. Dig up the root and break it under your nose and it's quite heady.

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Root beer

Yep, it's the first time I've had one. Tastes quite nice. I suspected that it came from a root. But how to find it... that's the question. I think I'll stick with the liquid form, it's much easier to find.

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Pat Franz (not verified)
Mice on Clif Gel and Root Beer

A mouse on Clif Gel- that would be one fast mouse, if it didn't have a heart attack!

Root Beer used to be made with flavors from the root of the Sassafras tree. You will see some of these trees when you get to Ohio and Pennsylvania. They have a leaf somewhat like a Tulip tree, and a root that goes down and then straight sideways.

Nowadays, the Root Beer flavors are all artificial. They are better than the original, I think, or at least much better than the root beer we used to make when I was a kid.

I am enjoying following your travels!