Because I was wondering last Friday who my visitors are I want to write about more subjects, other then recumbent bikes. I realize that it takes more time, but that's why I try to keep it brief and short. That will be more interesting for those who read it. And if you want to know more, there is always the possibility to leave a comment. Okay, back to the subject at hand: Haywire.

Because we did a improv demo with our theatersports club a while ago in the Old RKZ we each received a 10-movie card. With that you can go to a little cozy movie theater in the south of Groningen. And yesterday I went to the movie Haywire. And because it's no fun to go to the movies alone I brought someone along. Of course the evening isn't complete without going somewhere to eat first, so we did that too.

On a recommendation of one of my rowing ladies I coach we went to Cafe The Grote Frederik. A small cafe hidden somewhere in the Oosterpoort neighborhood. I had the week menu (pork roast with a mini apple and yummy sauce) and my date (let's call it that) had a spicy Thai curry with prawns. Very delicious and well prepared. For desert I had the lemon pie with mojito ice and whipped cream. Hmmm. But because my dinnerdate had a craving for a McFlurry Mars we payed the check and stopped by the McDonalds. We had time to spare, so. After that we left for the RKZ movie theater where I had a nice black chai tea before the movie started.

Because they are remodeling the cinema we had to sit on plastic chairs downstairs in The Chapel. Not really comfortable and because the chars were all at the same height you sometimes had a large head in front of the subtitles. Ah, well... it doesn't matter.

The story is about Mallory Kane who works as a agent for a secret organization, who is contracted for dangerous missions by governments and heads of state who don't want to know about these things. When she was setup for murder at her last assignment, she is determent to take revenge, whilst being chased by the police. From the trailer below you could say that it's a hard core action movie with lots of fistfights, explosions and gunfights. But it's not that bad. The story is pretty good and the fistfights are not exaggerated. So no exciting music, but just simple and no overdone sound effects. It all sounded very realistic. I had a good time that night.

Did you see the movie too, or are you going to? I'm curious what you liked about it or what you think you like about it. Besides that I'm wondering if you would like to read more of these posts? So, leave a comment down below.