No not me, but the new owner of my velomobile. Four days ago I received a Twitter message from a fellow recumbent rider that Velox Incendia, which I sold a month ago, was again up for sale. The following days more messages and questions gathered (via Twitter, email and the recumbent mailing list). That's why I will give this short explanation.

The new owner has a lot of problems with his knees that he decided to sell the bike. Today I received a detailed message from him in which he explains why he has to stop and sell the bike. He writes: "My knees are protesting big time and I have decided to stop cycling (unfortunately)... I really hate it. But yeah, I still have to use my knees for a couple more years."

If you are still interested in the bike you can (for as long as it hasn't been sold) go to Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay).