Two flat tires less then 150 kilometers apart. That can't be a coincidence. Lately I've had some trouble with flat left tires, like today. After doing my weekly erg-session (love it!) I went home and the bike went like lightening. But half way home I felt that it didn't steer as tightly to the right and that the bike drifted a bit. I stopped, pinched and yes... soft. The other times I couldn't find the cause, but now I noticed the puncture was at the same spot. No coincidence. At the side of the road in the dark with my phone as a flashlight I searched for the cause. Yes... a very tiny piece of glass that just poked through the outer tire. I replace the inner tube, pumped the tire and went home. Let's hope it stays full of air this time. The last month and a half I biked just over 1600 kilometers. If I keep it up I'll be doing 1000 km/month.