For a while I'm annoyed with the fact that my Garmin Edge 500 bike computer in my velomobile has a bad reception. This is because the bike is made out of carbon and I keep the bike computer deep inside my velomobile in the pouch on my velomobile bag. Time for improvement. Normally there is a holder on the dashboard, but that is also 'inside' the bike and I don't want that. A week or two ago I stumbled upon the video below and that got me thinking.

This person mounted the bike computer with a piece of velcro, but directly on the rim. I didn't want that, so I came up with the following solution. Take a small tube, two pieces of velcro, a bike computer holder and a tie-wrap. First you put the first piece of velcro a few centimeters on the tube. Then you take the second piece of velcro and put it against the first one and the other side of the tube. This way the velcro is double sided and it's rock solid. Then you mount the bike computer holder as usual. And to finish you take the tie-wrap and tighten down the end so that the velcro is as close as possible to the bike computer and it doesn't hang down.

Velcro bike computer holder

You can mount the velcro bike computer holder in two different ways. First of all you can place it underneath the rim if you are riding cabrio. Secondly you can put in under the foam cover.

Velcro bike computer holder (cabrio)

Velcro bike computer holder (mounted)

Velcro bike computer holder (with foam cover)

I haven't cycled with both setup's, but it looks quite solid. Tomorrow I have to make a ride to the local bike shop (the brake cable which holds the steer up is broken) and I'll test out the construction. I'm curious how it goes.

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Alternate solution

Hi I have the edge 800 in my carbon strada. I mounted the edge on right wheel cage. It has indeed less accuracy on gps. I solved it with a extra wheel speed sensor from VDO series-z

This gives me more accurate speed even in cities, thick forests (wet leafs) etc. With the garmin software (or others) you can select which source you would use or combine them.

This never failed me. The solution costs about 25 euro's and the edge is rock solid mounted on the bike, I had a velcro solution but it did not stick on long bumpy roads.