Cycle Vision 2012 and other news

Wednesday was a long day at work because I had to take the 7 AM train towards the AMC hospital in Amsterdam. I had a 10 AM work meeting (not, not a scary disease). The work went well, but I a finally was able to go home around 4:30 PM. I arrived home just after 8 PM. A long day. And because of that I could leave a bit early last Friday. On my way to Cycle Vision in Lelystad.


Kamikaze seagull

On my daily journey to work I see some strange things. Like this bird, who apparently didn't want to live anymore.


A weekend at Cycle Vision 2011

Last weekend I went to FlevOnice in Biddinghuizen for Cycle Vision 2011. Two years ago I visited this event, but then it was all the way on the other side of The Netherlands (in Tilburg). This time I didn't compete because of a injury to my right wrist, so I made myself useful as a volunteer.



... use your indicators! That makes the situation a whole lot clearer for everyone. At first I thought he was going to pull over at the bus stop and I could overtake him. But suddenly he turns left without signaling.


Even more movies

Okay, two more movies, just for you guys. But now my archive is empty, so you'll have to wait a bit for the next one.


More movies

Since the last dashcam movie it's been a bit quiet, but now I've found the time to upload some new ones.



The last couple of weeks I'm driving around with a VholdR ContourHD 1080p camera on my helmet and on the dashboard of my car to register everything that happens on the road. And tonight I caught a big one. I'm driving with my car on the main road when suddenly someone crosses the intersection which causes me to brake hard. Anyway... the images speak for themselves. I plan to show more of these dashcam-images when a stupid cow enters the picture.

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