Second attempt

After we took a picture of the wrong 'White House' we visited Washington yesterday for the second and last time to go a second attempt. The 'viewing speed' of things in a Museum differs between Harry and myself, so we decided to each go our own way and meet back in at the White House around 5 PM.


Visiting Washington

Last night a RV with a German family pulled into our space. Well, our space... Apparently we were in their space because when we arrived there was another tent in ours. Not a problem at all, because they would only stay for one night and they had plenty of space.


A wet night

Last night it had rained a lot and the wind was blowing pretty hard. The last one wasn't such a problem because my tent is solid enough. Only the rain was a problem because I didn't have a ground cover so water came in through all the small gaps. Everything on the inside was wet. My sleeping mat, sleeping bag, my jacket and myself were all soaked. We should do a little washing to clean out all the wet stuff. Let's hope that the coming days stay nice and dry.


There's a storm coming

We slept in this morning and had breakfast at the campground. Two pancakes with syrup, a cinnamon roll and a cup of tea. Did some washing and drying. My stuff had not been cleaned in days and after a hour or so everything was nice and clean and free from all kinds of weird smells. Jumped in the pool to de a few laps and afterwards spend some time in the hot tub to relax. Written some blog posts and put them online. This all took some time with the WiFi connection dropping every now and then, but that didn't matter.

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