ROAM support truck

Here's a quick message and some photo's about one of our support trucks which will be taking our luggage and (in case of a break down) our bikes. David Eggleston (also a ROAM rider) wrote the following.


A weekend at Cycle Vision 2011

Last weekend I went to FlevOnice in Biddinghuizen for Cycle Vision 2011. Two years ago I visited this event, but then it was all the way on the other side of The Netherlands (in Tilburg). This time I didn't compete because of a injury to my right wrist, so I made myself useful as a volunteer.


Uncle Willy

I'm lying in my bed sleeping in until at 8 AM the Tour de France ringtone sounds. I pick up my phone and the first thing I hear is: "Good morning uncle Wilfred!". My youngest brother became a dad at 3 AM. Tonight I went to the new parents and the little kid and he's adorable, healthy with everything on it. He listens to the name Joas, which means "The Lord has given".


Across America in a velomobile

Me and my velomobile have been spotted in two newspapers (local and national) before but this time it's about Roll over America. It turned out to be a nice one third page piece asking me questions about what a velomobile is, how I got involved, what is the goal of this journey, what's the most fun part et cetera.


Two medals and a souvenir

Last Saturday I competed in the International Pentecost Rowing competition in Delfzijl. A fun competition where anything goes. There are a number of mixed fields where men an women are together in the same boat. Usually that is uncommon in competitions, but in Delfzijl that's no problem. In the first heat I rowed with four women (and of course three men) in a Mix8+. After that I steered a 8+ which I have never done before (I have my steering degrees, but it hasn't home to it yet).


My bike is gone

Last Thursday a couple of velonauts came to visit and do some bike riding the next day. It was going to be our last ROAM weekend. Earlier I had done Bennekom and Roermond and the final weekend was in Groningen. Coincidence? No, yesterday we had to deliver our bikes to be shipped to America. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


ROAM t-shirts and more

I'll start with the t-shirts... they have arrived. I've ordered some 26 t-shirts for the Dutch delegation of 9 people who are going to America to cycle 5000 kilometers. It all arrived in one big box. Below you can see what a big pile it is and how the front and back look. On the back you can see a image of the route we are taking and which cities we'll be visiting.


Pre-ROAM check-up and almost run over

This morning I took my velomobile to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen for a pre-ROAM check-up. Because America has some mountains (like the Rocky's) it seemed a good idea to put in a smaller gear in the middle of the bike. Also, a number of components were checked, lubricated and replaced. The rear chain for instance has been replaced. That being said, it lasted for some 10.686 kilometers. Also the steering block has been replaced because it had a little to much play when I'm speeding down the mountain with 70+ km/h. The last part they have replaced was the bell.


Rowing on the Amstel

Weeks of training and preparation, but last weekend we rowed the Head of the River Amstel. The adventure started on Saturday morning. I had to pick up a team mate from Groningen at 8 AM. On the A1 the ring of Amsterdam there were planned road works so we left a bit early. Afterward it wasn't that bad and a parking space was quickly found. So about 1,5 hours early we reached or destination, the rowing club Poseidon.


On my way to Vries again

It was some time ago that I cycled with the Huneliggers, but today it was that time again. As always we gather at Café Vriezerbrug in Vries. I was running late so I engaged the bike's turbo to try to arrive on time. A few kilometers before my destination I saw something that looked like a recumbent rider with two dogs running along. I was wrong. Turn's out that it were two riders on one bike. Georg and Jolanda D. came on their recumbent tandem. Russel and Jack (the newest of the two dogs) also came along. First they were running, later they rode along in the bicycle bag.

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