New phone

Some 2.5 years ago I've waited for about 10 hours in front of the store for the Apple iPhone 3G. This time I took a different approach, I just went to the store and got me a new one there. This time not the new Apple iPhone 4 but a different smartphone. I thought I'd try out the 'competition', so I bought a HTC Desire HD. This phone does not run on iOS (such as the Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad), but on Google Android, a somewhat more open operating system that that of Apple.


Stay even more up-to-date?

Yesterday I posted that the English RSS feed is now working properly. Today I improved the 'stay up-to-date' part of this website. In the side-column there is now a possibility to enter your email address and be informed of new posts. This way you don't have to get all complicated using RSS programs. You simply get the latest messages in you email (with a maximum of one mail per day). So, what are you waiting for...


English RSS feed

Since my website is also available in English there was only one problem with the RSS feeds. I use FeedBurner and my website automatically sends the local feeds to the FeedBurner page so I get pretty statistics et cetera. They only problem was that both the Dutch and the English feed were redirected to the Dutch FeedBurner page. Now I changed that so you, our English reader, has a workable English RSS feed.

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