A day as today can be quite eventful. I left work and took my car to get some lunch. On the access road they were working on a gas pipe for a while so one half of the road was inaccessible. Last year they had placed traffic lights, but they were stolen twice, so now there were just signs to guide the traffic. As I already mentioned I was driving in my car past the road works. I took it slow because people were at work and a big excavator was working and I do not want to drive into it.

Angry man - my view

It's a pretty long stretch of road that was close of and there were a number of vehicles and sheds. This was obstructing my view quite a bit as you can see in the picture below.

Angry man - side view

From the other side another driver was coming towards me with quite some speed. Before I had cleared the road works he was still driving straight at me.

Angry man - opposing view

As I turned sharp to my right and honked the horn we both came to a stop almost next to each other. As I slowing driving away to continue my journey I see the man waving fiercely behind the steering wheel. I decide to stop and open my window to ask him what he was thinking 'driving me of the road'. That's when the man, the construction worker type, gets out of the car and stands in front of my window as angry as he can be. He didn't cool down and I was told that he had the right of way and that I should reverse. To myself I thought that if he had waited 1 second and slowed down a bit we could have both continue without interfering with each other. I had almost cleared the road works, so... But he didn't agree. The argument that I couldn't possibly see though all the obstructions were not registering in the man's brains. Ge got back into his car and raced of past the road works.

Angry man - overview

After I picked up my lunch and I had calmed down a bit I decided to return to the scene of the crime to take some pictures. I haven't taken the first picture and two workers came towards me asking what I was doing here and from what company I was. I said I was just a regular Joe taking pictures. But as the figured out that I was the guy in the little white car they said that the man was not right in the head. Giving the right of way is a matter of decency. I couldn't agree more. As I was walking to the other side to take some more pictures I saw a familiar face. The next-door neighbor of my parents was working on the gas line. So after a bit of catching up the day ended on the positive side.