Our rowingclub is celebrating it's 25e lustrum, we were founded 125 years ago on February 19th 1886. Today we have about 400 members, which is also a reason to party.

The day started at 11. We gathered and got into our boat to do our usual Saturday morning training. There was a lot of wind and that didn't make thinks any easier. Our coach had given us some exercises for 'riding together'. First we rowed in a very slow stroke rate (about 18 strokes per minute). We also did the same with 2 rowers keeping balance and then moving on to the next two rowers in the boat so everybody got their turn. Next we did the same but than quickly stretched our arms in the recover. The last thing we did was a third stop. This means that after you make a stroke you first stretch your arms, bend your back and then wait until the steer says 'go'. It's important to ride (slide) together towards the catch. Despite the hard wind it was a successful training.

The person who normally takes pictures was sick that day so they asked me to take them instead... well, alright then. The afternoon started with a panel discussion with RTV Noord host Eva Hulscher as the chairman. When that was finished we took a little break and enjoyed a snack. Around half past five it was time for the christening of three new boats. We got two new 8+, and one new 4x+ boat. Beautiful boats with fitting names. The veteran 8+ received the name Tineke Floor, the 4x+ was christened Wellgunde VI and the Noorderkroon. The last two boats also were put into the water to show to the members. Only the veteran 8+ stayed on dry land because the builder of the bot sent us the wrong one (built for heavier rowers). It will soon be switched with the right one.

Because everyone was beginning to get cold we headed inside where our chairmen had a new technical surprise. Because we bought a number of boats at Concept2 we got a new kind of ergometer on trial, the Concept2 Dynamic. A big improvement to the 10 to 15 year old erg's we have downstairs in the sweat room. I've tried it myself and it rows beautiful. A lot less stress on your back and a smooth natural rowing movement. A real progress. Now I hope we can replace our old erg's with these new glorious machines.

And then it was finally time for the tapas meal. Three delicious salads (meat, fish and 'green') and some healty snacks. After everybody had enough there was a real fashion show. A number of different cloths were specially made for the lustrum and they were shown of by three of our members. Socks, shirts, jackets, hats and other stuff to keep you warm. All of course in the Hunze white/blue. It was getting late that night and I really wanted to go home. I've almost been 10 hours on or club and it was enough. Tomorrow there's another day... a day of rowing (of course).