Just like last week I wanted to cycle a bit with the Huneliggers. A week ago there were only two cyclists (me and Marjon) but today that number would double. We were accompanied by Georg and Anton. We had agreed to meet at 11 AM near the little church in Noorddijk (to the upper right of Groningen). But before I got there something went wrong. I just left home about 5 minutes ago when a group of cyclist were coming my way on the cycle path next to the Van Starkenborghkanaal (which is not unusual on a Sunday morning). Just... things went a bit different than usual.

As far as I know the man didn't suffer any severe injury, just a broken collar bone. I'll try to call some hospitals and local doctor stations to see if I can find this man and send him some flowers.

Once I arrived in Noorddijk I had a story to tell. "Why does things like this always happen to you?" and more of those kind of remarks were all I got. Well, it doesn't matter actually. A bit of cycling is (usually) healthy and clears your head. With the four of us we cruised the Westerkwartier and made it 'unsafe' (Dutch saying). Touring through the open landscape I'm glad I have a velomobile. It made it a lot easier to cycle with a head wind. What did we encounter? A number of gates that should keep car's from driving on the cycle path. It's very cumbersome to cycle through them with such a big and long bike. A pole would have been just as effective. Also a few steep bridges with (of course) a bend in them to make it a lot more challenging. In Saaksum we took a little rest at the picnic place and ate our bread. After that we started to head for home.