Yesterday I was so happy with the sound of my bike (or actually the lack of sound) that I forgot to mention the following. When I left Sinner Bikes Arjen asked me if I've ever ridding in a electric assist Mango. Well no I haven't, so this was a good opportunity. The bike was well adjusted to my length so I could just hop in and go. Arjen put the assist, which is mounted in the pedals, on my maximum sport setting. My first push on the pedals propelled me forward. Okay... this takes a bit of getting used to. But it's cool. Within a few seconds I reached 30 km/h. Push a bit more and you can easily do 40 km/h. And before I knew it I reached the end of the street. Turned the bike around and headed back. Let's see how fast this thing can go. The 50 km/h was reached quite quickly and with a little extra power I did 55 km/h. Very cool to go this fast this easily, but it's not me. I like to propel myself on my own power. This feels like cheating... a very cool form of cheating!


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H@rry (not verified)
It made me feel like

It made me feel like Superman.

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Try the electric assist on a long hill climb, the kind where you'd normally be grinding up at 6 km/hr... Then you'll see the synergy of human/electric hybrid power!

Coming back down that same hill, engage the regenerative braking... you'll recharge the battery recouping some of the energy used in the climb, and you'll save the wear on your drum brakes!

Overall, an excellent combo, even if you never exceed the 25km/hr EU speed limit for pedelectric assist... 25 km/h uphill is fantastic!