It took a while for the Roll over America photos to be posted but their all sorted and uploaded now. There were quite a number of them so I had to make a (small) selection. I also have over one terabyte of videos, but that's going to take well after Christmas to all be sorted and edited I guess. Wink

I also have a bunch of photos from the two weeks I spent in Washington, DC and New York, NY.

Washington, DC

New York, NY

New York, NY (Dave's Central Park Tour)

New York, NY (Jerry's Grand Tour)

New York, NY (Ed's Brooklyn Tour)

New York, NY (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)


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nancy sanford (not verified)
ROAM photos

Thanks, Wilfred. Apart from being amused by all the photos of the food, I'm very happy to have had the views filled in over my imaginings of ROAM before I finally met up with you in OH. I downloaded several to print. And I have one to send to you. Thanks again. I'll look forward to the videos. N

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Hi Nancy,

I like that you enjoyed ROAM. Your help was very useful, so thank you for that. If you want the even higher quality pictures (the one on Picasa are 1600px) please email me the link of the photo you want. Also if you want to use them online (say a blog or news article) please mention my name and website (see CC part at the bottom of the right column).


PS. My email address can be found in the ROAM list (Google Docs). Otherwise it's the first letter of my name, than a dot followed by my last name. The part after the @ sign is the same as my domain name. It's a bit cryptic but I've not seen a spambot that can decipher this. Wink