This week I received a email from a fellow theater sports member that they put up a big screen at the old sugar factory to show two movies. On Friday night (tonight) they showed Drive and Saturday evening it was Grease's turn. Since it's not very pleasant to watch a movie by myself I asked if someone would join me, and they did. Bernd, another fellow theater sports member, 'volunteered' yesterday. After we had diner at his place we drove over there.

On arrival the traffic was backed up to the roundabout at the entrance. For a moment we doubted if we could even get in. We arrived about 20 minutes before the start of the movie. But fortunately we reached our parking spot after around half a hour and the movie could begin.

The sound played over the car speakers. You had to tune in to a certain frequency and that worked great. Good clear sound and even in stereo. The movie itself was also quite nice. And the best part was that it's going to show in theaters next week. So we had a exclusive.

Update 10/30/2011: RTV Noord (a local news station) did a news item.

Watching 'Drive' at the Oude Suikerfabriek Drive-In