Last Sunday it was that time again... rowing around the canals of Groningen. I wanted to participate myself, but I couldn't get enough people together to fill a boat. I do however got the chance to steer, which is second best. It isn't a straight track, but it's all narrow passages and corners where steering is as much a challenge as rowing. Below you can see my ladies and gentle men, who were quite at age, trying their very best.

During the competition the also rented some bubbles. That's those kind of inflatable balls where you can crawl in and walk across the water. Well... walking, it's more like rolling. I tried it for a while but it was quite hard.

At the end of the afternoon it was time for the final activity, cresting a new boat. It was ready to be unveiled. A nice 2- Hudson. Last summer I practiced for giek-3 (which is required for these kind of boats), but I didn't finish because of a lack of time. This spring I plan to give it a second try.