I picked up my bike again yesterday after it went in for surgery last Wednesday. Unfortunately it cost around three hours to resolve the problem. The left rear LED light was defect and there was a break in the wire in front which caused both lights shine very dim. The indicator buzzer was attached a bit better and the original bike computer was put back in place. Why? Well, because I ordered a new bike and I put the old one up for sale. Tomorrow afternoon I agreed to meet the new owner at Sinner Bikes and the bike will be sold. The coming few weeks I have to ride a two wheeler. But with this weather that isn't a punishment.

Yesterday evening I also met with Anton L. to run though some details about my new bike (he works once ever two weeks at Velomobiel.nl). Seeing that Harry L. lives about 100 meters from Anton we decided to ride a bit together. Nice, because Harry was busy creating a few movies about driving the Mango in urban terrain. Below you can see the first movies.

After I ate at Anton his place and reviewed my bike wishes it was time to go to Café Marleen. I agreed to meet with the Stapmaatjes (a group of people doing fun stuff) to go Pub Quizzing. It was Thursday evening and it was busy downtown. I didn't quite know how to get to my destination quickest. So I had to cross the main shopping street of Groningen. And there they were, on the other side of the road, high on their horses. Two female police officers. And I had to pass them very closely to get to the café. I knew I was wrong (it's not allowed to cycle there), but I took my changes. One of the officers addressed me and I immediately admit that I'm wrong. I also explain that if I go walk with the bike besides me that I take up more space and that this is the most easy way. The police officer doesn't like it and tells me the fine is 60 euro's. I may continue my journey some 20 meters when I promise I'll never do it again.

The pub quiz was fun, but it was also very hot inside. So between every round we went outside to catch some fresh air. But what's that? Didn't I park my bike across the street under that window of the closed café? What are all those chairs doing there and why is my bike (which was locked) standing a few meters to the right? I'm curious how they did it. I don't see any damage, so I presume the picked it up in the front and the back. During that evening more and more bikes gather around my bike and I fear I'm not going to get out without moving some of them. Fortunately it calms down later that evening and I can get the bike out without to much trouble. The score of the pub quiz: 5th place out of nine teams.

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I loved it !!!!