Dutch Capitals Tour 2012Or cycling long distances, also called brevets. Think distances of 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000, 1200 or even 1400+ kilometers (like the Dutch Cities Tour). All non-stop and without support. You are totally dependant on yourself. It isn't a competition where getting there first matters, it's about finishing within a certain time limit. During the ride you help your fellow rider when he's having troubles. The end results anen't listed chronologicly, but aflphabetily. There is no winner. Each distance has it's own maximum allowed time. Below you can see a short schedule of the different distances and allowed times. As you can see riding the longer distances means riding through two or even three nights, with no to little sleep.

Distance Maximum allowed time
200 kilometers 13,5 hours
300 kilometers 20 hours
400 kilometers 27 hours
600 kilometers 40 hours
1000 kilometers 75 hours
1200 kilometers 90 hours (sometimes less)
1400 kilometers 116:40 hours (sometimes less)

Why am I writing all of this? Well, I think it will be fun riding some longer distances. I've done 200+ kilometers on one day, so I know I can do it. 300 kilometers on a day is also doable, but after that I just don't know. I think it's a challenge to do this monster rides, I suppose you can call them that. Not only physicly, but also mentally, you have to be very strong. And ofcourse I can't start with a 1000+ kilometers ride. That isn't even allowed, I think. You first have to 'prove' that you can do the shorter rides. My idea is to start with a nice ride of 200 kilometers. That way I'll be home before dinner. This year there are some 200 kilomter rides, but they are not around here. I think I'll start next year. That way I have a good new year's resolution (not that I normally have them). Also a very nice addition to my bucket list.

Do you know such a ride in the north of our country? Do you have tips or you want to join me? Leave a comment down below.


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