Day 3: Umatilla-Lewiston

Today I left a bit earlier (lesson learned from yesterday), around 6:30 AM. Everything was just fine until Felix had a flat tire just before the lunch stop. He would walk the last bit and I would go one and send a SAG person his way. He didn't want to fix it whilst being so close. A Meatloaf Panini and some pasta was on the menu today. Nicely warm and cripsy.


Day 2: Cascade Locks-Umatilla

The last couple of days I didn't manage to update my blog. So now there will be three posts coming at once. Enough for everyone to read! Anyway, here comes the report of the second day.

The alarm clock was set to 6 AM. We had a long and hard day ahead of us. When I was finished packing my stuff I was missing the battery of my photo camera. I had been charing it in Mike's RV (also a ROAM rider). After unpacking everything and not finding it I packed my stuff back up again because I had to get going. Maybe it will turn up later, so no pictures today.


Day 1: Portland-Cascade Locks

Today we first went to downtown Portland to be sent off at the fountain. Today would be officially declared Velomobile day by the guy from the department of transportation of Portland. The fountain was large and beautiful, squirted all kinds of patterns and smelled like chlorine. It was a hot day so I decided to ride a few laps around the edge of the fountain to cool down. The guy from the press agency (don't know the exact name) asked if he could take some pictures and write down my name. Could be that you'll a picture of me and my bike in a (local) news paper or so.


ROAM preparations (part 1)

Two more weeks and then... the big adventure in America. Today I went to the big city to get some things I didn't have or wanted more of. Below you can see how I spent my money. Luckily I still had € 110 of coupons (I received for my birthday and Christmas) laying around that I could spend at the different shops.


Two medals and a souvenir

Last Saturday I competed in the International Pentecost Rowing competition in Delfzijl. A fun competition where anything goes. There are a number of mixed fields where men an women are together in the same boat. Usually that is uncommon in competitions, but in Delfzijl that's no problem. In the first heat I rowed with four women (and of course three men) in a Mix8+. After that I steered a 8+ which I have never done before (I have my steering degrees, but it hasn't home to it yet).


Companyweekend Ermerstrand

Just like last your I went to The Lake Cabin near Erm for the weekend to spend some time with my colleagues. Of course I took my velomobile for a ride that way, it's only about 67 kilometers. The speed was quite good (average of 29.8 km/h) so after 2 hours and 20 minutes I arrived at the known location. Quickly secured the bike, took a shower and waited for the BBQ to start. And what better way to kill some time to take some nice pictures.

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