Norhern Velomobile Ride 2011

Last year I rode with a borrowed bike, because my own bike wasn't finished yet, but this year I drove my own bike. Better yet, I didn't have to cycle to the meeting point because I lived there. That's convenient, I didn't have to get up early. Well... you do have to take care of the people arriving, there has to be tea and coffee.


Heatmap bike rides (2010)

A heatmap is a image where data is represented in a graphical way using color differences or intensities. In my case I created a map where all my non-commute rides are shown.


Oliebollenride 2010

This time in the far-away Tilbug, but that isn't much of a problem. For me this was the first time, seeing I only own a velomobile since this February this year. I'd reserved a couple of day's for cycling to and from Tilburg. The first day before the ride I went to IJsselstein where I could stay at Maarten S. his place for the night. The alarm clock would go off at 6 AM and 1,5 hour later I was in the bike. The day's before the ride I worried a bit about the amount of snow I'd encounter on the way there and if the bike paths would be clean enough, but generally speaking it wasn't to bad.


First ride on my Rowingbike Thys 209

Last Sunday I received my new bike and yesterday afternoon I was able to ride it for the first time. Fortunately the roads were mostly clean. In some spots there was still some snow, but for 99% the roads were clean. The last time I rode a rowingbike was about half year ago, but this time it went quite well. Only getting started and riding at slow speeds still needs a bit of practice. This Monday I'm leaving for the Oliebollentocht in Tilburg (in the South of The Netherlands), I will be back on Thursday.


New phone

Some 2.5 years ago I've waited for about 10 hours in front of the store for the Apple iPhone 3G. This time I took a different approach, I just went to the store and got me a new one there. This time not the new Apple iPhone 4 but a different smartphone. I thought I'd try out the 'competition', so I bought a HTC Desire HD. This phone does not run on iOS (such as the Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad), but on Google Android, a somewhat more open operating system that that of Apple.


Bible study weekend Esbeek

Last weekend there was a Bible study weekend in the Southern part of The Netherlands. Just as two years ago I took my recumbent to cover the distance, but with a few differences. First of all there was the location. Last year it was in Maasbommel, now it was Esbeek. Resulting in a distance increase from 216 to 272 kilometers. Seeing that I now own a second recumbent (my velomobile), I could use it for this long trip. Two years ago I covered the distance with my Nazca Fuego which I had for only two months. Now I am more accustomed to long distances.


Companyweekend Ermerstrand

Just like last your I went to The Lake Cabin near Erm for the weekend to spend some time with my colleagues. Of course I took my velomobile for a ride that way, it's only about 67 kilometers. The speed was quite good (average of 29.8 km/h) so after 2 hours and 20 minutes I arrived at the known location. Quickly secured the bike, took a shower and waited for the BBQ to start. And what better way to kill some time to take some nice pictures.

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