Sinner Mango+ for sale

The bike has been sold.

With regard to the new velomobile I'm receiving shortly I have to sell mine. Velox Incendia (the name of the bike) has given me a bit more then 20.000 kilometers of cycling pleasure. He brought me to work and hobbies fast, comfortable and dry and we also went camping, in 2010 we did the Round of the Netherlands together and visited the velomobile meeting in Giessen and in 2011 we Rolled over America.


Mango-cover for sale

Because of the sale of my Sinner Mango+ I also have to sell the matching protective cover. This handmade cover is made out of a lightweight, flexible and dirt repellant material which is normally used to protect boats. The cover is put on in no time and stays in place by the elastic band around the bottom. The inside of the cover is made of a soft material which doesn't damage the bike. The asking price is € 120 (new almost € 180).


Euro Tour 2013

Euro Tour 2013 (suggested route 2012-02-19)Last year during the summer I cycled from the west to the east coast of America, a tour called Roll over America.


Ice-Bat racing

A Ice-Bat is a three 'wheeled' recumbent on skates that's propelled by a propeller. Totally weird, new and fun. Last Sunday was the first of two championship days. People competed for the fastest lap time and maximum speed. Both of them I just didn't make (I finished second, just like the day before). The preliminary results can be found on the Ice-Bat blog.


Northern Velomobile Ride 2012

Today was typical velomobile weather. Wind and rain. This is the third time I ride this tour. In 2010 I rod a borrowed bike and last year the starting place was at my house. This year we started in Ravenswoud, a 40 kilometers ride. After a cup of tea and something to eat each of the 27 riders got in to their bikes and we headed for Marum. We were visiting Akkie and Willem for some vegetable or mustard soup. Yummie!


Patch work

A week later then planned, but here is my story about New Year's Eve and what happened next. It was a busy weekend with a afternoon of rowing on Saturday. First I rowed from 11 AM to 1 PM and after that I coached a ladies team from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Everything went well and the weather played nicely. Afterwards we drank a cup of tea in the club house and then I climbed into my bike to go to my youngest brother and his wife in Stadskanaal. I've cycled the route before so I could almost do it blindfolded. And that's a good thing as it gets dark very early in the day.


XL goes XS

Yesterday morning I drove to Groningen to park my car at Anton L. his place and take the bike and go to our rowing club. I would be steering a women's team at 9 AM. But just before I arrived at Anton's place I got a phone call that it was canceled because of the hard wind (later there was given a rowing ban because of the weather). So we could go to Dronten early for a QuestXS test ride. But first it was time for a cup of tea.


Cyclists Rights

The Cyclists Rights began with a single post on Twitter. Response grew quickly and within a few hours there was a list with eleven rights. These were published the same night at the on the website FietsersAfstappen as the Universal Declaration of Cyclists Rights version 1.0.


Not again / suicidal

Saturday morning last week I was on my way to our rowing club (as usual). At the intersection (see two clips below) it's always good to pay attention. The car could just get though and I didn't have to brake a lot. Yesterday morning was a different story. This guy didn't look at all and on top of that his side windows are all fogged up which impairs his vision.

The guy below was curious if I wanted to kill myself, because I was riding in on the main road instead of the cycle path (I presume).


Guinea pig

Yesterday I received a nice tough guy hat from (bike 2 out of 5 days to work). On twitter they had a action where if you followed their Twitter account and retweeted a certain message, you could win the wicked hat. Normally I don't participate in these kind of actions, but promoting cycling to work did pay of for me. Last week I heard that I was one of the two people who had won a hat that day.

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