The trick with the warm bottle

After my cold adventure of last Monday I didn't want to get frozen fingers again. That's why I had a brilliant idea. I was planning to make the bike a bit more winter resistant by mounting the Schwalbe Marathon Winter rear tire again. It has thick nobs and spikes which keep you from getting stuck on slippery surfaces, like snow and ice. I also removed a lot of snow from the wheel arches and pressurized all the tires.


Curb edge in the snow

Yesterday evening we had a course at our rowingclub to become a referee. You will help the race run smoothly. Someone takes care that all the boats are aligned at the start, another starts the clock, someone else takes care of any obstacles and bridges to see if everything is safe and by the rules and another is at the finish. A lot of responibilities. That's why we have a course, with in two weeks a exam.

After a succesful night I went home through lots of snow with Ocho, my velomobile. Boy o boy, it's pretty tough cycling over a snow covered sidewalk. I'd better get out and walk a bit towards the corner of the street. Once back in my bike I realize after 15 meters that I have a flat right tire. Earlier that night I took the corner to sharp when trying to get up on the curb and that wheel hit it pretty hard. The rowingclub is about 100 meters away and the snow on the sidewalk made me not notice it. Until I wanted to get home.


Ice-Bat racing on natural ice

Last year I first sat/lay down on a Ice-Bat. And it was good fun! Then it had a big propellor on the back to push yourself forward. The current version has a rear wheel with a Marathon Winter tire with spikes. This makes you go faster because of the direct grip. This time we went for a nice little round on the Zuidlaardermeer. First a hour of cycling with Ocho to the starting location and then in the cold with the Ice-Bat. I forgot to bring my gloves (you don't need them in a velomobile), but I could borrow David and Steve their pair. Do you want to try a Ice-Bat? Sign up and come to Groningen, Assen or Heerenveen. Below you can see to movies and the track from my first ride. The first movie is my own and the second is David Hembrow his.


Euro Tour 2013 canceled

Euro Tour 2013 (suggested route 2012-02-19)People who read other recumbent blogs or read already knew. The tour which I signed up for last year is canceled. This mainly has something to do with the routes being incomplete for certain countries, reservations for camp sites, transport of gear, finance and the 'general coordination' of the entire project. Certain descisions should have been made months ago.



Two flat tires less then 150 kilometers apart. That can't be a coincidence. Lately I've had some trouble with flat left tires, like today. After doing my weekly erg-session (love it!) I went home and the bike went like lightening. But half way home I felt that it didn't steer as tightly to the right and that the bike drifted a bit. I stopped, pinched and yes... soft. The other times I couldn't find the cause, but now I noticed the puncture was at the same spot. No coincidence. At the side of the road in the dark with my phone as a flashlight I searched for the cause. Yes...


Oliebollentocht 2012

Last Saturday was the 17th edition of the Oliebollentocht, a ride for velomobiles. The plan was to cycle to the start in Zwolle on Friday evening, stay there for the night and ride back home after the ride on Saturday. But as is often the case, the plan didn't work out that way.


I name him Ocho

Almost one year ago I ordered a new velomobile, a QuestXS. Last week the wait was over and I could finally pick it up.

Ocho ( QuestXS)


Feestboek was a success!

I never thought it would be this much work to organize a party. Get some games, order foot, rent the club, laptop, projector, profile stickers, drink vouchers, decorations, balloons, prizes for the games, music, Like stickers, to much to mention. And of course, promotion for the party. And of course not everything goes as plans. I received the stickers to print the profile stickers on and bought the paper for the vouchers and the home made memory game. Turns out my printer ink was empty. I quickly ordered a new cartridge and printed and cut everything the day before.


From east to south

Early this month I received the message that my velomobile, which I've sold in July, was for sale again. Fortunately it now has a new owner. It moved from Germany to Belgium and now has Serge M. as it's new happy owner. Last Saturday the bike changed owner and this week Serge could take it for a longer ride. "A euphoric feeling", he writes.


Dutch Capitals Tour 2012

Dutch Capitals Tour 2012Thursday a week ago I headed for Zwolle after I finished working. I went there to help Paulus wit the DCT 2012 (Dutch Capitals Tour 2012). As I mentioned before I thought it would be fun to do longer rides. This non-stop 1425 kilometer ride didn't apply for now, but it gave me the opportunity to experience it up close. Help was wanted at the check point in Zwolle.

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