Roll over America


ROAM preparations (part 3)

A last update before I head to Naarden tomorrow afternoon where I'm staying at fellow ROAM rider Bram S. for the night so we can arrive at 7 AM at Schiphol. Two weeks ago I ordered a new MacBook Pro, because my old one died a few weeks before. It was tight, but a day before leaving it arrived. After installing all the necessary software I gathered all my stuff for the backpack. You know what's annoying... the feeling you get that you've forgotten something. Once on my way I know the feeling will disappear, but I don't like it.


ROAM support truck

Here's a quick message and some photo's about one of our support trucks which will be taking our luggage and (in case of a break down) our bikes. David Eggleston (also a ROAM rider) wrote the following.


ROAM preparations (part 2)

The next preparations are more technical by nature. I was planning to make a time-lapse movie in the 30 days it takes us to cycle from west to east. You have to take a picture every several seconds, but them all behind each other thus creating a sped up movie (like the example below).


ROAM preparations (part 1)

Two more weeks and then... the big adventure in America. Today I went to the big city to get some things I didn't have or wanted more of. Below you can see how I spent my money. Luckily I still had € 110 of coupons (I received for my birthday and Christmas) laying around that I could spend at the different shops.


Join in, place a banner!

To draw more attention to my sponsoring I've asked a colleague to create a number of banners. These banners are free to use and I would very much appreciate it if you would place them on your website. It's preferred to place them in the navigation so they will show up on very page. Instructions and examples on how to place the banners can be found further down in this post.


A weekend at Cycle Vision 2011

Last weekend I went to FlevOnice in Biddinghuizen for Cycle Vision 2011. Two years ago I visited this event, but then it was all the way on the other side of The Netherlands (in Tilburg). This time I didn't compete because of a injury to my right wrist, so I made myself useful as a volunteer.


Across America in a velomobile

Me and my velomobile have been spotted in two newspapers (local and national) before but this time it's about Roll over America. It turned out to be a nice one third page piece asking me questions about what a velomobile is, how I got involved, what is the goal of this journey, what's the most fun part et cetera.


My bike is gone

Last Thursday a couple of velonauts came to visit and do some bike riding the next day. It was going to be our last ROAM weekend. Earlier I had done Bennekom and Roermond and the final weekend was in Groningen. Coincidence? No, yesterday we had to deliver our bikes to be shipped to America. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


Help against Neuroblastoma

Villa Joep - Het fonds tegen Neuroblastoom kinderkanker

My co-workers niece has a Neuroblastoma, a bad form of cancer that effects only young children. In The Netherlands each year about 25 children get this disease and 20 of them die. To help her and children like here I decided to support them with my ride through America. I'm raising money for Villa Joep that helps 100% of the money get to research. If you want to help, please fill in this form. You can also add a banner to you own website.

Donate now!


See you in eight weeks...

This Saturday I went to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen for some last maintenance which the didn't have the time to do last time. First the head lights had to be adjusted. When I'm driving on bad surface it makes a lot of noise. By placing the lights a bit different the noise has been reduced. Also the brake cable that was holding the steer up started to unwind (because of the maintenance). I replaced it by a new one. A piece of Velcro on the foam part on the 'hump' of the bike started to come loose.

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