On my way to Vries again

It was some time ago that I cycled with the Huneliggers, but today it was that time again. As always we gather at Café Vriezerbrug in Vries. I was running late so I engaged the bike's turbo to try to arrive on time. A few kilometers before my destination I saw something that looked like a recumbent rider with two dogs running along. I was wrong. Turn's out that it were two riders on one bike. Georg and Jolanda D. came on their recumbent tandem. Russel and Jack (the newest of the two dogs) also came along. First they were running, later they rode along in the bicycle bag.


Back in the boat

Saturday started as usual with a ride to the rowing club. Just two more weeks and we're rowing 8 kilometers on the Amstel river in Amsterdam. I wonder how it'll go. After the rowing I quickly went on my way to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen for the test-drive-day. I felt like taking a look there. Afterwards I rushed home for a quick shower and some diner.


125th anniversary KGR De Hunze

Our rowingclub is celebrating it's 25e lustrum, we were founded 125 years ago on February 19th 1886. Today we have about 400 members, which is also a reason to party.


Not fast enough

It was busy the last two days at our rowing club. The yearly Gyas-Hunze race was being held and our team Fier would compete on the 2,8 km race on Saturday and the 750 meter sprint on Sunday.


Turbulent day

In many way's this was a day that I won't forget. First Velox Incendia (my velomobile) turned 1. Secondly the wind was blowing fiercely and this was the first time for me to ride in a storm. According to the weather it was about 5-6 bft (about 50 km/h) with gusts up to 80 km/h. And lastly, I was surprised in a very unpleasant way, but more on that later.


Start rowing...

... well, almost. This afternoon my Thys 209 rowingbike was delivered by the owner of Liever Ligfietsen in Leeuwarden. I've waited a long time for this (almost half a year), but soon I can take it outside. At least... if the snow and dirt are gone. Now it just sits in my living room on one of those Tacx Cycletrack Speedbraker T1800. I can practice a bit until the weather clears.


Slow, fast and pulled over

This morning I left on my bike to do some erg (read: indoor rowing) on our rowing club. There is still ice in the water so you have to do something to keep in shape. And I got enough training on the way there. The new bike path between Zuidhorn and Groningen wasn't very nicely cleared of snow and ice. They had swept it bit that was a few days ago. Now all the snow and ice was frozen again and the tracks of other bikes were frozen into it, making the speed drop some 10 to 15 km/h. A good workout.


It's getting colder

Usually I would be sitting in the boat by 11 hours, but because there is ice that wouldn't happen. Instead I did some ergo, less fun...but you have to keep up your condition somehow. The first 5 to 10 minutes was warming up en then we did three series of 3 minutes V+15, 2 minutes V+10 and 1 minute V+5. The V is the average 500 meter time of a test I did some 2 weeks ago (I had a time of 2:03.8 per 500 meter). The +15 for instance is 15 above the V time.


It wasn't me...

I left home early because I had to be at the rowingclub at 9:45 to give skiff-1 instruction to my students. And because I was running a bit late I took the shortest and fastest route. When I came closer to Hoogkerk I saw a big cloud of fog in the air. But when I came closer it turned out not to be fog but smoke. And when I came really close I could see that some roads were closed and in the distance I could see that it was a very big fire.

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