Stupid Cow


Start my own section?

I had a few bingo's this week. Wednesday an impatient car driver wanted to get in front of me no matter what and Thursday a encountered a situation which annoys me on a regular basis. People who don't know the rules of the road. Seeing that there are more and more of this movies I was wondering if it's a good idea to create a separate section where these movies are all displayed on a page. What do you think?


Even more movies

Okay, two more movies, just for you guys. But now my archive is empty, so you'll have to wait a bit for the next one.


More movies

Since the last dashcam movie it's been a bit quiet, but now I've found the time to upload some new ones.



The last couple of weeks I'm driving around with a VholdR ContourHD 1080p camera on my helmet and on the dashboard of my car to register everything that happens on the road. And tonight I caught a big one. I'm driving with my car on the main road when suddenly someone crosses the intersection which causes me to brake hard. Anyway... the images speak for themselves. I plan to show more of these dashcam-images when a stupid cow enters the picture.


What a ROAM weekend!

Sunshine, rain, wind, kilometers, discomfort, accidents, wetness and more of those kind of things. That sums about up the weekend. Okay, a number of those things were unplanned, but it was still a weekend full of happenings. But I'll start at the beginning.


Turbulent day

In many way's this was a day that I won't forget. First Velox Incendia (my velomobile) turned 1. Secondly the wind was blowing fiercely and this was the first time for me to ride in a storm. According to the weather it was about 5-6 bft (about 50 km/h) with gusts up to 80 km/h. And lastly, I was surprised in a very unpleasant way, but more on that later.


Angry driver

A day as today can be quite eventful. I left work and took my car to get some lunch. On the access road they were working on a gas pipe for a while so one half of the road was inaccessible. Last year they had placed traffic lights, but they were stolen twice, so now there were just signs to guide the traffic. As I already mentioned I was driving in my car past the road works. I took it slow because people were at work and a big excavator was working and I do not want to drive into it.


Oliebollenride 2010

This time in the far-away Tilbug, but that isn't much of a problem. For me this was the first time, seeing I only own a velomobile since this February this year. I'd reserved a couple of day's for cycling to and from Tilburg. The first day before the ride I went to IJsselstein where I could stay at Maarten S. his place for the night. The alarm clock would go off at 6 AM and 1,5 hour later I was in the bike. The day's before the ride I worried a bit about the amount of snow I'd encounter on the way there and if the bike paths would be clean enough, but generally speaking it wasn't to bad.


Slow, fast and pulled over

This morning I left on my bike to do some erg (read: indoor rowing) on our rowing club. There is still ice in the water so you have to do something to keep in shape. And I got enough training on the way there. The new bike path between Zuidhorn and Groningen wasn't very nicely cleared of snow and ice. They had swept it bit that was a few days ago. Now all the snow and ice was frozen again and the tracks of other bikes were frozen into it, making the speed drop some 10 to 15 km/h. A good workout.

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