Patch work

A week later then planned, but here is my story about New Year's Eve and what happened next. It was a busy weekend with a afternoon of rowing on Saturday. First I rowed from 11 AM to 1 PM and after that I coached a ladies team from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Everything went well and the weather played nicely. Afterwards we drank a cup of tea in the club house and then I climbed into my bike to go to my youngest brother and his wife in Stadskanaal. I've cycled the route before so I could almost do it blindfolded. And that's a good thing as it gets dark very early in the day.


Groningen's Backyard and some maintenance

What's this? Does Groningen have a backyard, and I'm maintaining it? Relax, it's about a new TV show which will air spring 2012 on local TV. I've been asked to help and think about sketches and finding characters. Saturday afternoon there was some kind of 'audition' where we could try stuff out on a couch (no, don't overthink it). Basically it came down to us picking out a piece of wardrobe and trying to find our character and sit on the couch to see how it looks on camera. It all went pretty well and the next week I'll hear if I 'got the job'.

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