Sometimes you have one of those days that you want something different. As did I when I was cycling home today. I just felt like taking a different route than usual. But new routes also tend to bring new situations. The roundabout near the shopping center is being worked over and that's why the cars are directed over the steel plates next to it. Time to pay attention. Also for people who are leaving their care and just open the door whilst not paying attention to cyclist (probably). That's why I always try to stay away from doors with at least one meter clearance. Just down the road there was another incident. A moped failed to give me priority. And he was almost standing completely still. And for a bonus there was (another) cyclist who tried to turn onto the cycle path without looking. One of these days I'm going to hit one of them. Fortunately there are also road users that do know how to behave. The car at the last roundabout stopped nicely for me and another cyclist.