After my new camera (the Contour+) had arrived this week it was a matter of trying it out and to wait if something worthwhile comes in front of the lens. Unfortunately that didn't take long. This morning I was on my way to work when I encountered a car that was pushing it in a 30 km/h zone. The junction had a offset center. If he should have stopped for me or another road user he probably couldn't have done so in time. Car drivers often speed at that junction, but this driver was being extra bad. Fortunately I could hear him coming and didn't enter the junction. In doing so I would have surely died.

Something else about the camera. I like it a lot. It's sharper in the edges than my old camera (the ContourHD 1080p) and the sound quality is much better. By placing the microphone in a different spot you have much less wind noise. Besides that, I want to check out the option to connect a small external microphone on my helmet with a dead cat (aka. wind-jammer).