Last night I received a email from the ambassador from Villa Joep (where I collected money for) to congratulate me with finishing the tour and the nice pictures from Ellie the Elephant (a plush elephant, their logo) at famous places like The White House. She also asked me to post something on my site to make their effort more known. ANBO and MAX have a charity prize and you have until TOMORROW to vote, so be quick! Go to the website of the ANBO MAX Goede Doelen Prijs and click on "Stem op Villa Joep". Villa Joep supports the battle against neuroblastoma children's cancer and will go on until the ultimate goal has been reached: cure every child from neuroblastoma. All donations that Villa Joep receives are used for 100% to research neuroblastoma children's cancer. So... everybody vote! (you can even win something).

PS. I don't know if foreign entries are eligible for a prize, but you can always vote (that helps). The fields from the form looks like this.

  • Chosen charity: Villa Joep
  • Gender: male / female
  • Initial
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Year of birth
  • Yes, I want to be eligible for a prize
  • Yes, I want to be kept up-to-date with news
  • Buttons: previous / vote