The bike has been sold.

Are you going to sell another bike? Yes, but there is a good reason for that. The Nazca Fuego Top-Sport Edition was the first recumbent bike I bought some four years ago. With this bike I have had many adventures. We made our first 218 kilometer long monster ride, we attended the first Easter meeting and Autumn meeting, we went on a sailboat for a week, rode to Germany in two days (and back again with a total of 694 kilometers) and we did a one day tour of 314 kilometers around the IJsselmeer. Today there is just a bit more then 7.300 kilometers on the odometer. And that is not much. The last year and a half the bike stood in the shed most of the time. Only the last couple of days, since I've sold Velox Incendia, I've been riding it a bit more. It's being used for now, but still... I'm going to sell it. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice bike, but a velomobile is just so easy and comfortable that this bike gets to little attention. And that's a pity. That's why I want to sell it so it's new owner can take it for a ride and somebody else can enjoy the pleasure of riding a recumbent.

Nazca Fuego for sale (left side)

The bikes looks fine although there are some very small traces of use (almost non-existent). Only the kickstand has received a 'beating' because the paint comes of when you use SPD pedals. This can easily be fixed with a black marker (or a new kickstand). The rest of the specifications are just as when I bought the bike. Only the rear derailleur has been replaced with a MTB model and the original bike computer isn't there anymore because I use the Garmin Edge 500. The bike computer and the Busch & Müller IXON IQ head light won't be included in the sale. They are used for my other bikes. The asking price is € 1,700.- (original price almost € 2,600.-).

If you are interested or you have questions, you want to have a look or want to make a test ride, don't hesitate to send me a message through the contact form.

Below you can see a number of pictures and movies which show the bike.

Nazca Fuego for sale (right side)

Nazca Fuego for sale (rear fork)

Nazca Fuego for sale (handlebars)

Nazca Fuego for sale (front chain)

A recumbent ride to De Hunze (Groningen)

Alternative 'oliebollen' ride 2008

Easter meeting X (2009)