Like every Tuesday night we went rowing in the 8+. The water was as smooth as a mirror and there was no wind at all. Perfect rowing weather!

But what about that beer? Well, normally we row until De Witte Molen (The White Mill), but because it was such good weather we just crossed the border of Drenthe, just before the little bridge. There a couple of boats were waiting and on the deck of the first ship some people were sitting. They greeted us, we greeted them. The international beer sign was given and we thought... yes please! Alright, we put the boat in reverse and before you know it the man came with two sixpacks of bear. Enough for eight rowers and the female steer. We thanked the people and went back to the rowing club. An arrival we took the boat out of the water, cleaned it and put it back in the hanger. And whilst we enjoyed our beer we looked back on a lovey evening of rowing. Let's see if we cam return the favor this weekend by bringing a bottle of rosé.