Lots of weeks ago I made a 'deal' with the ladies from the rowing team Dolies. In exchange for my steering capabilities a few of them would join me to do some shopping (men don't like to, women do). Last Saturday it was time. But I didn't think there would be seven of them coming along. Two or three was doable, but seven...!

"Go look in the racks, we'll come up with a few suggestions." So I browsed to look for something nice. I hadn't even finished the third rack when the first ladies turned up with two pieces of clothing. "There you go, into the dressing room, you!" is what I was told. Okay, here I go. It didn't take long before one after the other piece of clothing slid under the curtain of the dressing room. So many cloths and so many ladies with the same amount of opinions. Enough to drive a man crazy! Eventually I left the store with a big pile of cloths. Afterwards we went across the street to the Hema for a coffee/tea and something to eat.

Ladies, thanks and I'll see you all in half a year? Tongue

Shopping with 7 ladies - Choices, choices...

Shopping with 7 ladies - The 'loot'