Last week I borrowed the Radical Design Cyclone Bicycle Trailer from Georg Dekkinga as preparation for my trip to Wuppertal (a week of Biblestudy in Germany with the subject: "A much better Covenant") and my participation in Euro Tour 2013. Last Saturday I packed up a few things (like my tent, sleeping gear and some clothes) in the trailer and cycled to my youngest brother Ewout in Stadskanaal. He is also going to Wuppertal and he is willing to bring this stuff.

Cycling with the trailer went pretty well. You actually don't notice it hanging behind the bike. However, at a roundabout in Hoogezand I cut the corner a bit which caused the trailer to flip over 180 degrees on it's head. I stop and quickly check for damage in the middle of the roundabout. The hitch fortunately turned with the trailer and there is no damage. Only thing is that cycling with the trailer is a bit slower. I estimate it's at least 5 km/h slower. Besides that the trailer (first model) is also 8,5 kilogram (current models are 5,5 kilogram) and I have to haul it around hilly and mountainy terrain for a week. I plan on cycling to Wuppertal in two days. I'll stay there for a week and the ride via Bonn, where I pick up Josef Janning (the organizer of Roll over America) and go to Igel for the last five days of Euro Tour towards Leer.

Once in Stadskanaal both my brothers were already waiting with their racing bikes to do a small round. Because of the roundabout incident and the lower speed I was late. I quickly at a sandwich and drank some water. Then we left for a relaxed ride of some 33 kilometer. During the ride Ewout and myself made a few photo's and a video.

Cycling with the Ketelbrothers (2013-07-13) - Ewout and Emiel

Cycling with the Ketelbrothers (2013-07-13) - Wilfred and Emiel

When we came back we took a quick shower and together with Ewout we went to Inge (his ex-wife) to go and BBQ with the little Joas, my middle brother Emiel and his wife. The food was wonderful! And after a long and nice afternoon it was time go home around 7 PM. But not before I took Joas with my home. I cycled 157 kilometer that day.