Canoeing with colleagues

This week I'm still off from work (I have to start this monday), but I've had the chance to see my colleagues. Yesterday we had a company outing where we first went canoeing and after that we had a nice BBQ.

The afternoon started with coffee, tea and cake and then (when everyone has arrived) the boats entered the water. I was in the back of a three person canoe but that didn't work out. We were zigzagging all over the canal. At the pier we changed seats. Me in the front, that worked much better. We finally went straight.


Back home!

The last couple of days in New York City were very nice. I've met a lot of people and I've been on a pub-crawl or visited a bar with bluegrass music. I've had a delicious meal at a nice Mexican restaurant and Tom's Restaurant (where Jerry Seinfeld always sits), took a walk in the park and watched the sunset at the Hudson River. In short, I've had a very god time (especially the last couple of days). But all good things must end and have to get back home, sniff...


Vote for Villa Joep

Last night I received a email from the ambassador from Villa Joep (where I collected money for) to congratulate me with finishing the tour and the nice pictures from Ellie the Elephant (a plush elephant, their logo) at famous places like The White House. She also asked me to post something on my site to make their effort more known. ANBO and MAX have a charity prize and you have until TOMORROW to vote, so be quick! Go to the website of the ANBO MAX Goede Doelen Prijs and click on "Stem op Villa Joep". Villa Joep supports the battle against neuroblastoma children's cancer and will go on until the ultimate goal has been reached: cure every child from neuroblastoma. All donations that Villa Joep receives are used for 100% to research neuroblastoma children's cancer. So... everybody vote! (you can even win something).


Visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Don't worry, I'm still alive. It's just that the last couple of days it was raining and you don't get out much then. Yesterday the rain wasn't that bad, so in the morning I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art as suggested by a local New Yorker friend. The had a exhibition of Frans Hals, a famous Dutch painter. First we got a tour from a lady who could tell us a great deal about his paintings.


Pub Crawl and Ed's Brooklyn Tour

Yesterday was a relaxing day for me. Should be after the long to the day before. Sleeping in a bit, updating my blog and reading up on some ROAM posts and videos. Around dinner time I went three blocks up the road to Mama Pizzeria. I ordered the small one of 16 inch, but that turns out to be something like 40 centimeters, it's huge! Fortunately there were enough hostel guests who wanted to help me eat the thing.


Jerry's Grand Tour

Yesterday the 14 hour tour of New York City's highlights was scheduled. At 10 AM we gathered into a group of 22 people. Jerry, our guide, was a old geezer of around 75 years who did this walk twice a week brining tourists from the hostel to explore New York. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, China Town, Little Italy and everything in between. It's impossible to describe everything from a 14 hour tour into a short blog post, so I won't even try.


Central Park tour

Last night there was a BBQ with a DJ, a band and later that night stand-up funny men. The night started with a free beer followed by a (not so free) hamburger with salad, a cookie, chips and a drink. The food was good and the music was swinging. There were a few local rappers and other talents who made the night swing. I also met some new people and will probably go to a bar somewhere to listen to some music with one of them next week.


The Big Apple

New York City! After taking the 7:15 AM bus and the metro to Union Station in Washington I took the train to The Big Apple. A journey of around 3:20 hours. The trip wasn't that bad. I got to rest a bit and enjoy the scenery going by. When entering New York City I could immediately see the damage hurricane Irene left behind (I guess, she did it). Intersections were flooded and other business parks were not accessible. In the distance you could see the tall buildings and moments later we went underground and ended up at Penn Station.


Second attempt

After we took a picture of the wrong 'White House' we visited Washington yesterday for the second and last time to go a second attempt. The 'viewing speed' of things in a Museum differs between Harry and myself, so we decided to each go our own way and meet back in at the White House around 5 PM.


Visiting Washington

Last night a RV with a German family pulled into our space. Well, our space... Apparently we were in their space because when we arrived there was another tent in ours. Not a problem at all, because they would only stay for one night and they had plenty of space.