125th anniversary KGR De Hunze

Our rowingclub is celebrating it's 25e lustrum, we were founded 125 years ago on February 19th 1886. Today we have about 400 members, which is also a reason to party.


First ride on my Rowingbike Thys 209

Last Sunday I received my new bike and yesterday afternoon I was able to ride it for the first time. Fortunately the roads were mostly clean. In some spots there was still some snow, but for 99% the roads were clean. The last time I rode a rowingbike was about half year ago, but this time it went quite well. Only getting started and riding at slow speeds still needs a bit of practice. This Monday I'm leaving for the Oliebollentocht in Tilburg (in the South of The Netherlands), I will be back on Thursday.


Companyweekend Ermerstrand

Just like last your I went to The Lake Cabin near Erm for the weekend to spend some time with my colleagues. Of course I took my velomobile for a ride that way, it's only about 67 kilometers. The speed was quite good (average of 29.8 km/h) so after 2 hours and 20 minutes I arrived at the known location. Quickly secured the bike, took a shower and waited for the BBQ to start. And what better way to kill some time to take some nice pictures.


Velomobilemeeting Giessen 2010 (video)

It's been two weeks since I came back from my trip to Giessen, but now it's ready... the clips I've made from the climbing, descent et cetera. Climbing was about 7-8 km/h, but the descent was more like 70-80 km/h (topspeed 84 km/h). Furthermore you'll see images of the castle we were sleeping in and a situation where two drivers were not thinking very well when overtaking us.

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