Three times a charm

Yes, we got another one, well... actually three. The first car driver does stop, but does it in the middle of the other lane where another car is coming. The second car also stops, but arrives at a high speed, making me unsure if he was going to stop. The last one leaves a side street with a raised curb (so I have priority). She pull's out and luckily sees me and hits the throttle.


Start my own section?

I had a few bingo's this week. Wednesday an impatient car driver wanted to get in front of me no matter what and Thursday a encountered a situation which annoys me on a regular basis. People who don't know the rules of the road. Seeing that there are more and more of this movies I was wondering if it's a good idea to create a separate section where these movies are all displayed on a page. What do you think?


Even more movies

Okay, two more movies, just for you guys. But now my archive is empty, so you'll have to wait a bit for the next one.


More movies

Since the last dashcam movie it's been a bit quiet, but now I've found the time to upload some new ones.



The last couple of weeks I'm driving around with a VholdR ContourHD 1080p camera on my helmet and on the dashboard of my car to register everything that happens on the road. And tonight I caught a big one. I'm driving with my car on the main road when suddenly someone crosses the intersection which causes me to brake hard. Anyway... the images speak for themselves. I plan to show more of these dashcam-images when a stupid cow enters the picture.


Back in the boat

Saturday started as usual with a ride to the rowing club. Just two more weeks and we're rowing 8 kilometers on the Amstel river in Amsterdam. I wonder how it'll go. After the rowing I quickly went on my way to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen for the test-drive-day. I felt like taking a look there. Afterwards I rushed home for a quick shower and some diner.


125th anniversary KGR De Hunze

Our rowingclub is celebrating it's 25e lustrum, we were founded 125 years ago on February 19th 1886. Today we have about 400 members, which is also a reason to party.


Norhern Velomobile Ride 2011

Last year I rode with a borrowed bike, because my own bike wasn't finished yet, but this year I drove my own bike. Better yet, I didn't have to cycle to the meeting point because I lived there. That's convenient, I didn't have to get up early. Well... you do have to take care of the people arriving, there has to be tea and coffee.


First ride on my Rowingbike Thys 209

Last Sunday I received my new bike and yesterday afternoon I was able to ride it for the first time. Fortunately the roads were mostly clean. In some spots there was still some snow, but for 99% the roads were clean. The last time I rode a rowingbike was about half year ago, but this time it went quite well. Only getting started and riding at slow speeds still needs a bit of practice. This Monday I'm leaving for the Oliebollentocht in Tilburg (in the South of The Netherlands), I will be back on Thursday.


Guess what...

Some half year ago Fietsje (a small bike company) celebrated their two year existence in the A-kerk (A-church) in Groningen. I knew there were images of that event, but now I've actualy seen them. And guess what... I'm in it!

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