My contribution to Cycle Video Day 2011

Last Monday it was Cycle Video Day and that meant making a video of your daily ride. The result of my ride can be viewed down here. I made the choice to add live commentary to my ride. A good call because I'm the only one so far. If you want to look at videos of other riders, just take a look at the overview page.


ROAM interviews from Fort Wayne

I just received a tweet via Twitter about a new ROAM video, which is not that uncommon. But this time it was a 28 minute long video with rider interviews. Very nice to hear all the stories of fellow riders and myself.


Join me in the Cycle Video Day

This morning when I woke up I saw that YouTube user gaz545 had posted a new clip. During the 13 weeks that he couldn't cycle because of his broken clavicle he came up with the idea to have a Cycle Video Day. It was Magnatom's idea.


Back home!

The last couple of days in New York City were very nice. I've met a lot of people and I've been on a pub-crawl or visited a bar with bluegrass music. I've had a delicious meal at a nice Mexican restaurant and Tom's Restaurant (where Jerry Seinfeld always sits), took a walk in the park and watched the sunset at the Hudson River. In short, I've had a very god time (especially the last couple of days). But all good things must end and have to get back home, sniff...


Visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Don't worry, I'm still alive. It's just that the last couple of days it was raining and you don't get out much then. Yesterday the rain wasn't that bad, so in the morning I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art as suggested by a local New Yorker friend. The had a exhibition of Frans Hals, a famous Dutch painter. First we got a tour from a lady who could tell us a great deal about his paintings.


Pub Crawl and Ed's Brooklyn Tour

Yesterday was a relaxing day for me. Should be after the long to the day before. Sleeping in a bit, updating my blog and reading up on some ROAM posts and videos. Around dinner time I went three blocks up the road to Mama Pizzeria. I ordered the small one of 16 inch, but that turns out to be something like 40 centimeters, it's huge! Fortunately there were enough hostel guests who wanted to help me eat the thing.


Day 28: Hancock-Washington

This morning when I woke up there was a cake on the pick nick table and my bike was decorated with balloons. Today, the day we would arrive in Washington, happens to be my birthday. Last night we also received free beer from Steve, a velomobile dealer. Steve also brought a Go-One Evolution and would ride with us the final day. After some 10 kilometers we had a short break and his tires looked very soft. Turns out he never had ridden the bike and the tires had only 2 bar in them. Also the yellow sticker was still on the SPD pedals.


Picked up our bikes

After we've been up for 26 hours straight we went to bed around 10 PM. I for once really needed that. I got to sleep in until 4:30 AM. Hmmm, jetlag? Closed my eyes and try sleep again. Breakfast as around 8:30 AM and after that we were going to pick up our bikes. Three big pieces of bread with syrup, jam and peanut butter (well, not the kind I'm used to) and a number glasses of orange juice were digested. Then it was finally time to head down to the warehouse where our bikes were waiting for us. The unpacking went very quickly and within two hours we all stood on the loading area.


Low five

It looks like I have a subscription on Stupid Cows because this afternoon I encountered another one. When exiting the round about a cyclist came from the opposite direction... which is not very handy. Just a moment later I signal to enter the side road and the man walking there thinks I want to low-five him. Sorry man, just signaling. Yeah, you're not used that cyclist do that, don't ya? Wink



Sometimes you have one of those days that you want something different. As did I when I was cycling home today. I just felt like taking a different route than usual. But new routes also tend to bring new situations. The roundabout near the shopping center is being worked over and that's why the cars are directed over the steel plates next to it. Time to pay attention. Also for people who are leaving their care and just open the door whilst not paying attention to cyclist (probably). That's why I always try to stay away from doors with at least one meter clearance.

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