Last Sunday the world famous astronomer Co Met was visiting OOG TV for a meeting. He'd made a very impotent discovery and was invited to join a trip to the moon. Luckily the students of the IMC Weekendschool were visiting that day and they'd make a TV news program with Co as the main subject. The presentation, a report about Co and a interview with his driver (Simon) were scheduled for that day.


Playing dress-up

Yesterday they arrived at our work... a set of three Pete-suites. Together with two colleges I volunteered to play Zwarte Piet at the Sinterklaasfeest at my work. At first I put some creme on my face so that the black creme would be easily removed afterward. But that was not such a good idea, as the black creme was of poor quality and didn't attach itself to the face very well.


Companyweekend Ermerstrand

Just like last your I went to The Lake Cabin near Erm for the weekend to spend some time with my colleagues. Of course I took my velomobile for a ride that way, it's only about 67 kilometers. The speed was quite good (average of 29.8 km/h) so after 2 hours and 20 minutes I arrived at the known location. Quickly secured the bike, took a shower and waited for the BBQ to start. And what better way to kill some time to take some nice pictures.


Sunny ride

It's been a while since I rode with the Huneliggers, but last night the message "Are we going to ride tomorrow?" was posted on the forum, so I thought... yeah, it's about time. The alarm clock sounded at 7:45 and after making lunch I left riding into the morning sun. There was no wind at all and riding along the Van Starkenborgkanaal the water was as smooth as a mirror. The sun was low and it produced some very nice pictures. Seeing I was running a bit late (as usual) I realy had to put 'the pedal to the metal'.


It wasn't me...

I left home early because I had to be at the rowingclub at 9:45 to give skiff-1 instruction to my students. And because I was running a bit late I took the shortest and fastest route. When I came closer to Hoogkerk I saw a big cloud of fog in the air. But when I came closer it turned out not to be fog but smoke. And when I came really close I could see that some roads were closed and in the distance I could see that it was a very big fire.

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