My bikes

In 2007 I first played with the idea to buy a recumbent. I visited some internetsites to gather information. At first a trike (2 wheels in front and 1 in the back) seemed a good idea, but I wasn't quite satisfied. Sadly I just missed the try-a-recumbent-day in Assen.

First I went to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen to try a few bikes and to gather some information. That was my first encounter with recumbents (especialy Sinner's, thats what they sell there mainly). All very nice, but I wanted to broaden my horizon so I went to Leeuwarden to Liever Ligfietsen. On a saturdayafternoon I tried different bikes and three days later on July 1st 2008 I orderd my first recumbent. A applegreen Nazca Fuego, a semi-low racer. Not to low and certainly not to high. After about 2,5 months of waiting I could finaly pick it up on September 10th 2008.

More information about my Nazca Fuego.

After about 9,5 months of riding my Fuego I started to look around. I've seen them whizz by a couple of times... I'm talking about those yellow bananas, sigars, torpedo's or what you want to call them. I'm talking about a velomobile and it has a couple of (dis)advantages compared to my open-recumbent. Advantages: in the rain your warm and dry and you can carry a lot of baggage. Also you can go faster because of the aerodynamic shape. Disadvantages: there not cheap (more than twice the cost of my Fuego), there heavier than a normal recumbent (slower acceleration) and it's bigger (about 2,5 - 3 meters long), so sharp corners can be difficult. But dispite the (small) disadvantages I ordered one anyway on June 8th 2009. It's a Sinner Mango+. The Mango is the little broter of the Velomobiel Quest. sold the concept to Sinner, hench the different brandname. After that the came up with the plus-version where the 'arch' has been removed form the rear, thus creating more luggagespace. As of February 5th 2010 I am the proud owner of my first velomobile, which I named Velox Incendia.

More information about my Sinner Mango+.

September 2009 I first tried to ride a rowingbike. And that went, aside from some minor problems, quite well. The owner if the bike, which was the prototype of the current Thys 209, said: "if you'd like to try it for a longer period, you can borrow it for a day". And some nine months later I did. Fast forward to the end of 2010 and the bike was finally delivered at home.

More information about my Thys 209 rowingbike.