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Updates, updates, updates...

The last post on my website was more then two months ago, but I have some good news. I'm still alive! I just had little to say. So here is a short update about some stuff.


Another bit of running

Als promised I went for a run last Saturday. During the Thaisner DörpsRun I could choose from 4 kilometers, 4 mile, 10 kilometers or a half marathon (21,1 km). As preparation for the 4 mile of Groningen which is being held Sunday Oktober 13th I choose the 4 mile distance. It was only a bit more, some 250 meters, but that didn't matter. I even finished in a very good time. After 38:08 minutes I crossed the finish line.


Running through the Veluwe

After weeks of training (ahum) last Saturday it was finally time. My first real running race (not counting the 4 mile of Groningen), the Veluweloop. The race consisted of 12 stages which in total covered 87 kilometers. Each runner from our team had to run one stage. The distances varied from 4.4 to 11.2 kilometers and four of the stages were woman only. I started at 12:40 PM in the fifth stage from Vredenburg (Arnhem) to Beerenberg. The second longest distance of 9.1 kilometer. Last Tuesday I practiced it by running home from work, but Saturday it was finally time... 9.1 kilometer.


Replaced defective coathanger

During the Euro Tour the coathanger of my velomobile broke in two places. On day 9 I discovered that it broke on the side and on day 13 the top was broken. This afternoon I went to Anton L. to replace the part. It's a two-man-job and Anton is a genius when it comes to bikes. As a 'compensation' I helped him setup his iPad and iPod Touch so he could synchronize his e-mail, contacts et cetera on both devices.


Waddentour Engelsmanplaat-Schiermonnikoog

Last September a had organized a 'small party' with the title Feestboek. The party was a great succes and one of the gifts I received was a Smartbox (Bongo-bon in Dutch). This gives you a activity of your choice. Yesterday I used this gift together with a close friend of mine to drive to Lauwersoog where we would board the ship Boschwad and first go to Engelsmanplaat to experience nature.


Euro Tour 2013 (photos and movies)

Below you will find my photos and a couple of movies of the Euro Tour 2013. Enjoy!

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