I never thought it would be this much work to organize a party. Get some games, order foot, rent the club, laptop, projector, profile stickers, drink vouchers, decorations, balloons, prizes for the games, music, Like stickers, to much to mention. And of course, promotion for the party. And of course not everything goes as plans. I received the stickers to print the profile stickers on and bought the paper for the vouchers and the home made memory game. Turns out my printer ink was empty. I quickly ordered a new cartridge and printed and cut everything the day before. But after weeks of preparation it was finally time... Feestboek!

In the afternoon I went to the market to buy all kinds of yummy snacks. Three sorts of cheese (young, old and spicy), cheese for on toast and different kinds of sausages. Some small sweet tomatoes, a cucumber, toasts and other small stuff. People should have enough to eat. I started to decorate the place by 7 PM. Put up festoons, get the games ready et cetera. I thought I'd be ready by 8 PM, but that was a big disappointment. The first guests arrived and for the next one and a half hour I was busy welcoming the guests and explaining how 'the evening works' and of course unpacking gifts. After that most people arrived and I had time to chat with everyone. Unfortunately I didn't get to speak to everyone for a long time (I'll make it up), but what can you do with some 80 to 90 guests (estimated)!

Some people enjoyed to sit on a table and talk. Others enjoyed themselves playing Jenga, Twister, sjoelen or any of the other games (I did some Twister myself, see the photo's). There was a very relaxed mood that evening. Everything was possible and nothing was mandatory. At the end of the evening someone got the idea to play sardines. Sardines is a form of reversed hide-and-seek where one person hides and the rest has to find hem/her. Once you do you join them. At a certain point you get a whole lot of people tucked in like sardines en less and less 'searchers'. You were allowed to hide everywhere, except in the hanger where the boats are stationed. Eventually there were a bunch of sardines on top of the roof of the hanger (not 'in', but 'on top').

The presents I received where very diverse. White, red and rosé whine, port, vieux, different kinds of beer, a tough guy book box, different kinds of cologne / shower gel, candy, stuff for in and around the house, books, games (among which a real life Angry Birds), a head massage, gift certificates and other fun stuff. To much to mention. Thanks everyone. There were some really nice things.

After the party, which ended at around 1:30 AM, there was some cleaning to do. Fortunately there were some guests helping me clean up. After that a short trip to a downtown cafe, but I quickly left. To hot and to smokey. I went home, unpacked the car and quietly went inside. I had three people sleeping over. One who left in the morning from Tilburg (some 250 km from Groningen) by bike and two near Amsterdam who came by car. There were also two other ladies (one from Tilburg and one from Hoorn). They stayed at a campsite near Groningen. After having breakfast the all left at the end of the morning. Phew... what a night. I first lay down on the couch to waty a movie. At the end I noticed dozing off (could be the movie, The Expendables). So I went upstairs to bed to sleep for a hour. One hour quickly became five. Oops. I hope I can sleep tonight.

I had a very nice evening and I think you did to. What did you think of the night? Let me know in the comments down below. Anyway, all that's left now are the photo's an a video of two of the (moving) presents I received.

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Tim (not verified)

Wow Wilfred what a way to throw a B-Party! Something you didn't show was which of the many beautiful Women did you end up sharing time with? he he

You don't have to answer that.Your a big kid at heart arn't you? That's a good thing,keeps you young.

Take care dude.....