Photos, photos, photos...

Last Monday we took a set of new pictures at work for use on our website and for pitches / presentations. Below you can find four of them. I find them very well done.

Wilfred 5a

Wilfred 5b


A trip down memory lane (part 2)

Some 3,5 years ago I wrote a message (Dutch) on my blog containing a number of photo's and a 'game' which my co-workers made in my honor. There was one more, but we couldn't find the digital version. Until a collegue found a image titled 'schiermonnikoog.jpg' whilst browsing some old folders on his computer. The story behind the image is for you and your imagionation to decide...

Joint Willy


Cycling with snow goggles

The thing is in my closet for several years. A long time ago I went to a nice ski resort in Austria, but I never needed it. Until I realized that it could come in handy to wear snow goggles whilst cycling in these cold circumstances. So that's what I did this morning. And I have to say, it's a bit getting used to, but I love it. The view is good, nice warm and dry and no trouble with snow. I should have done this a long time ago. The only downside I can think of is that I have the feeling that my normal glasses are sliding down my nose.


Look at him go!

I promised to add some visuals of the 4 mile of Groningen. In the meanwhile the photo's which were taken half way and at the finish are available at the 4 mile website and I've 'copied' (cough) them to my site. Oh yeah... I'm the one with the black shirt, cool sunglasses and number 2123.


Faster again!

Yes... I did it again. Last year I was faster then three years ago (I didn't compete in 2009 because of a injury) and this year I improved my time by 38 seconds. I walked the 4 mile of Groningen in a time of 26:47.4 and that puts me in the top 4.39% of all runners. Pretty good. And that with only three times training. Okay... I have to admit that my basic condition with rowing and biking (ahum, 5200 kilometers in America) helped. But still, I'm proud of myself. Also I have no muscle ache or any other pains.


Training for the 4 mijl of Groningen

A bit late but still. Last week I've started training for the 4 mile of Groningen, a race which I do every year. Last year I put down a amazing time of 27:25.3, against all expectations. This year calls for a improvement. But there is a lack of training. Last weekend I started running and today was my second time. Six intervals of each two minutes running and one minute walking. It went pretty good. My condition was good enough that I could keep up. Next week I'll go out running two more times and that should be enough I think.


Canoeing with colleagues

This week I'm still off from work (I have to start this monday), but I've had the chance to see my colleagues. Yesterday we had a company outing where we first went canoeing and after that we had a nice BBQ.

The afternoon started with coffee, tea and cake and then (when everyone has arrived) the boats entered the water. I was in the back of a three person canoe but that didn't work out. We were zigzagging all over the canal. At the pier we changed seats. Me in the front, that worked much better. We finally went straight.


Playing dress-up

Yesterday they arrived at our work... a set of three Pete-suites. Together with two colleges I volunteered to play Zwarte Piet at the Sinterklaasfeest at my work. At first I put some creme on my face so that the black creme would be easily removed afterward. But that was not such a good idea, as the black creme was of poor quality and didn't attach itself to the face very well.


10 years

As promised I would let you know what the announcement was. Well, last Wednesday (December 1st) it was exactly 10 years ago I started working at theFactor.e. I could easily fit in the top 10 of longest working employees. That morning I went to the local shopping center to get two bags of Old Fashioned Dutch candy and also three roses for my colleague. No, not because he's such a nice colleague (well, not that he isn't), but because he and his girlfriend were together three years.


Last day at work

Turned in my key, key-card and access-code. Closed the door behind me. No more driving up-and-down to Leeuwarden. No, relax... I still have a job, just not in Leeuwarden anymore. Starting March 1st 2010 our company has a office in Leeuwarden where I worked two days a week (beside my work in Groningen). After nine months I decided to fully return to Groningen (where I worked the other three days). Not that it wasn't any fun in Leeuwarden, but I wasn't quite happy with the work set out for me.

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